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Tranquil kids by conscious parents

Kids of today are born into a different world, a different energy from the one we were born into. They are more sensitive to the environmental energies, which causes many physical symptoms

Earth lines and vastu

When it comes to geopathic stress, we straightaway think of harmful lines under the bed, that cause illnesses. Who has heard the words geobiology or geopathy? Our Planet is a living being,

Scientific guidelines for the healthy kitchen!

The best place for a kitchen is the southeast direction of the plot. This is the place for the Fire element and it receives the most positive, bacteria-killer UV rays, as well.

Scientific encounter of Sunrays and Water

In Vastu Architecture science, Ayurvedic healing, Feng Shui, etc. we always encounter with one of the Five elements, such as the Fire (Agneya Tatva) and Water ( Jal Tatva) elements. As per the science

Business success through Vasati

Take a look at the path of money in your business and see wheather there is any blockage in its way. Would you believe that business success is not only the matter