About me

Based upon my original qualification I had been working as an Economist in Budapest for several years, then I started to devote myself to the world of creativity, design and management of complex projects, i.e. to the physical realization of the inner world.

In February of 2007, I graduated as a certificated Interior Designer from the ART Veresegyhazi Studio in Budapest, trained by prominent instructors. Soon I got an opportunity to work in New York City. As of September of 2007 I was working for Holland and Sherry in the Decoration and Design Building in Manhattan for half a year, in the meantime as an intern for Richard Keith Langham Interior Designer’s company.

got in contact with Vasati and energy healing for personal reasons several years ago, and in terms of physical health and spiritual well-being gradually all the puzzles were coming together by applying the science of Vasati. From now on I dedicate myself to help others to find their own way to health and to find the answers that might have blocked the flow of positive energies, so that they can eventually be able to welcome Wealth, Love and Prosperity in their Life.

Relevant studies and certifications:

2014 – Vasati Professional Course and Consultancy, Budapest

2014 – International Institute of Vaidic Culture, New Delhi (India), Advanced Vastu Course with excellence (A++ qualification)

2007 – Interior Design Certificate, ART Veresegyhazi Studio, Budapest

2012 – present Prana Nadi energy healing

Cathryn B.
Interior Designer, Economist