Vasati correction of an existing property, based on floor plan: 230 USD/210 EUR for the first floor, the second, third, etc. floor is 170 USD/150 EUR per floor

Measuring the house if there is no floorplan: 1 EUR/m2 + travel cost

Personal favorable and unfavorable quarter calculation based on Vedic Astrology: 16 USD/13 EUR per person

Helping consultation prior buying a land/house/apartment: 40 USD/35 EUR per object

Office, factory, shop, business vastu reviw and analysis: 200 USD up to 100 m2, 300 USD up to 200 m2, 400 USD up to 300 m2, above 300 m2 it has indiviual fee

Vasati counselling work in designing a newly built vasati building: Calculating rasters as per sacred ratios, placing functions based on the directions, placing building on land plot, designing the propeller of directions, placing and calculating auspicious window sizes as per vastu, vasati draft plan, calculating personal’s directions  – with colors to avoid individually:          7 USD/6 EUR  per m2

Redesigning an existing home, based on vastu architecture:  6 USD/5 EUR  per m2