Vastu architecture

Vastu aims to live in harmony with the power of Nature. In this regard, it agrees with the well-known Feng Shui, but while Feng Shui concentrates more on life energies and dissolving energy blockages, Vastu goes much further than that: incorporates many more principles re-establishing the genuine relationship between Man and the house.

The science of Vastu, originating from transcendental sources, is like a guardian angel surrounding us and our homes with loving, defending and supporting energy.

When separating a mass of space of 4 walls within the infinite space, in other words a building is constructed, an individually vibrating living organism is created, just like a human being. When the vibration of the building is in accordance with that of the inmates, a total harmony can be experienced with the innermost Self and the Universe.

There is an increasing world wide tendency of discovering the power of these buildings and environments. As per USA News Jan 17, 2000 it was published that even British Prime Minister Tony Blair had his10 Downing Street residency designed through Vastu architecture. Furthermore, many multinational companies, hotel chains, health centers also apply the principles of Vastu in designing their buildings and offices, such as NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center, Microsoft, World Bank, etc.

Benefits of Vastu: 

  • easier healing process,
  • health,
  • making the necessary changes,
  • flourishing relationships,
  • expanded creativity,
  • getting closer to our real Self,
  • harmony in all aspects of life,
  • success and financial stability.

The science of Vastu re-connects human intelligence with the universal intelligence, since they inherently exist in union with each other.

The most ideal would be if a thorough Vastu assessment was made prior to every construction and interior design. Only when the basis are already firmly laid down as per Vastu, can all the decorations and styles, as finishes, be applied.


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