Bronze Vasati Pyramid

termek_gomb_vaszati_piramis_bronz_angolThe most effective correction tool for the improvement of spatial energies is the Vaastu Pyramid, which was developed by the Vedic Academy.


The Vaastu Pyramid is a three-dimensional, relief-like representation of the Vastu directional yantra. In the centre is a pyramid and combined with it are the Vastu Purusha and the Maha Purusha Yantras. In the eight directions around the centre pyramid lie eight smaller pyramids with Vaastu yantras beneath. The Maha Vaastu pyramid is best installed in the centre of a house or room or on another energetic key point. This powerful pyramid can correct Vastu defects to a high degree without any analysis. The Maha Vaastu pyramid’s powerful effects penetrate problematic spatial energies in the following ways:


A yantra is a graphic energy tool that has a lasting influence on a room’s energetic quality with its geometrical elements, colours, mantras, and symbols. The three-dimensional combination of the twelve most important yantras in the Vaastu Pyramid unfolds a powerful effect on the karmic level.


The effects of the yantras are energetically intensified and projected into the building with the help of nine pyramids.


Inscribed in the stone relief of the base plate and positioned in the eight directions are auspicious mantras which neutralize inauspicious defects. Vastu Purusha Mandala – In the centre of the Vastu Pyramid is a relief of the Vastu Purusha Mandala. The effect of this personal symbol of the ideal space is greatly intensified through the bigger central pyramid.


The Effect Range of the Maha Vaastu Pyramid


The Maha Vaastu pyramid equalizes up to 75% of negative spatial energies and Vastu defects with an effect range of around 22 metres. But the most effective and far-reaching Vastu correction method is the combined use of correctly placed yantras with a Maha Vaastu pyramid and/or a Meru Chakra. The huge advantage here is that the Vaastu pyramid when combined with the right yantras and chakras can neutralize nearly all of a building’s negative energies without having to probe into the specific nature of the defects. The counterbalancing effect of such a combined usage can be as much as 98%. The best place for the Vastu Pyramid is the center of the house or room, or other energetic key point. Each Maha Vaastu Pyramid is Cleansed, Energized and attuned to the Users Name and his Vaastu during auspicious astrologically calculated moments as per Vedic astrology. Only in this way it is guaranteed that they will carry in them exclusively the positive powers of the element and planets.


To encance its power, we can offer flower and a frangrance stick towards all the 8 directions, meanwhile chanting the following mantra:  bhagavate ramacandraya

* southeast:  om namo bhagavate parasuramaya

* south: om namo bhagavate narasimhaya

* southwest: om namo bhagavate varahadevaya

* west: om namo bhagavate kurmadevaya

* northwest: om namo bhagavate vasudevaya

* north: om namo bhagavate buddhadevaya

* northeast: om namo bhagavate matsyadevaya om namo bhagavate vamanadevaya


To the Vastu Pyramid: om mahabhagavataya vastupurusaya

The Vastu Pyramid is made of 5 different metal and available with golden or bronze finish.


Price: 995 USD / 866 EUR

The Vastu Pyramid is made of 5 different metal and with bronze finish.