Small Meru Chakra

termek_gomb_meru_chakra_smallSmall Meru Chakra

The Meru Chakra is the most important corrective tool of Vastu and can be effectively used for correcting defects of the  (direction of health, fortune and money) and (energetically most important and most valuable area of the house).

The Meru Chakra, the Sri Yantra’s three-dimensional form, is the most powerful healing tool of Vedic sacred geometry for abundance. Sri Meru Chakra is perfect for wealth on all levels – spiritual, financial, success, prosperity, career, health, fame and protection.

The Meru Chakra strengthens feminine energies in the house. North placement of the Meru Chakra is beneficial for enhancing financial flow and good fortune and for helping to balance a closed north with no windows or doors. The Meru Chakra is also very effective in the northeast, creating greater harmony and flow. Some place the Meru Chakra in the east where it can be exposed to direct sunlight; it will be quite brilliant.

Placement of the Meru Chakra:

  1. The best is to place it to the northeast part of the northeast-southwest axis. You can keep it in the northeast part of your office or desk.
  2. Important! The longer side of the inner isosceles triangle should be towards east. But we put a little sign on the bottom of the Meru Chakra so that it is easier to know which part should be towards east. Then chant the mantra of the Meru Chakra a couple of times: srim klim laksmi narayanabhyam namaha.

Then light a frangrance stick, hold it in your right hand and circulate with it around the Meru chakra clockwise seven times. Then hold a flower in your right hand and circulate with it around the Meru chakra clockwise seven times, too.

The little Meru Chakra is made of artificial stone and covered with waterproof golden paint. So, you can clean it with water, but please avoid using chemicals. Fragile!


Price: 89 USD

Size: 5 x 5 cm