Mars-Narasimha yantra

termek-gomb_mars‘Mars-Narasimha yantra’

‘The spiritual yantra of Mars. It is correcting the defects of the south part of our home.


It is applied:

-When the south part of the house is too open,

-When there are huge windows in the south,

-When a library, study room or terrace is in the south,

-When the terrace floor is lower than that of the apartment,

-When a fountain or swimming pool is in the south,

-When the wall in the south is too weak,

-When there is too much space in the south,

-When the south part is on much higher than the southwest,

-When the south is much lower than the north or east,

-When the kitchen is not at its right place.


Price: 23 USD / 16 EUR

Size: 18 x 18 cm