Parashurama yantra

termek-gomb_parasuramaParashurama Deva yantra – Ruler of Southeast (Venus)


It is applied:

  • When the southeast part of the house is missing or blocked,
  • When the element Fire is missing in the southeast,
  • When the southeast is on higher than the southwest,
  • When there is Water (bathroom) is in the southeast,
  • When there is an extension in the southeast,
  • When there is swimming pool or fountain in the southeast part of the plot,
  • When the larder is in the southeast,
  • When the bedroom is in the southeast,
  • When the bedroom is not at its right place or if we’d like to enhance its Venus features.

Venus is known as the Goddess of love and beauty. In the same way Venus manifests the female aspect of life, it represents our sense of harmony, passion and enjoyment. On the lower level, Venus stands for sexuality, wealth and beauty, while on a higher level is represents the devotion to truth.

Dominated aspects in the house: Living room, bedroom of parents, comfortable areas.

Living areas: Love, beauty, luxury, enjoyment, wealth, the lover of the man.

Organs: Eyes, generative organs, skin, neck, chin, cheeks, kidneys.

Enhances the following qualities: Harmony, art, desires, sexuality, happiness, looks, generosity.

Good position of Venus will lead to: Friendliness, loving kindness, a good marriage, a pleasant personality, attention, generosity, an artistic nature, popularity.


Bad position of Venus will lead to: lethargy, indolence, extravagance, eccentric behavior, lack of emotional control


Diseases fostered by a bad position of Venus: Eye infection, problems with the ovaries, skin diseases, swellings, anemia. Application in the house: This yantra should be placed where the specific defect occurs. If the defect affects a certain room, the yantra may be placed over the door. If the window is concerned, it should be applied to the window.


Price: 23 USD / 16 EUR

Size: 18 x 18 cm