Vastu Architectural Design

New homes designed as per Vastu Architecture Science

Vasati houses are the most harmonious, living and breathing homes in the world. They are made of natural materials, they don’t contain any substance that is dangerous to health or for the environment.
Healthy living environment 
A Vasati-house, with its natural materials and reflection of the energy flows of the Earth, Planets and directions, creates the most precious living space that is in total harmony with the natural laws, the universe and the inmates’ personal energy factors. faepiteszet1
It is supported by the fact that at several points of the world it’s been noticed that natural disasters, such as hurricanes or wild fires avoided and got around the Vasati-houses.
In a Vasati house, all the forgotten knowledge of ancient civilisations are incorporated – Sacred Geometry, Subtle Energy, Astrology and
Information (Akasha). As a result, the most harmonious space is
Such a union with Nature brings about prosperity, health, wealth and overall support in every field of life.
Get your home designed already from the beginning as per Vastu Science! 

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