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Price: 44 USD  (a red jewelry box is included in the price)

Silver lace: + 5 USD (optional)

Size: 30 mm, made of 3,6 gram sterling silver

Delivery: individually discussed, depending on the country





The silver LOVE YANTRA pendent is a complex sanskrit lotus symbol, which symbolizes the connection of the energies of the soul, such as the commitment, honor, attention, kindness, touch and the mystery of giving present. Experiencing love liberates new energies.


ekszer_harmonyThe silver HARMONY YANTRA pendent is the symbol of the light of the Milky Way. The double spirals represent the tangible and spiritual energies. It reminds us that there is a constant change in both the universal macrocosmos and the human microcosmos. The one who keeps moving is the one who gets far.


ekszer_spiritThe silver SPIRITUALITY YANTRA pendent is based on the 4000 year old Shri Yantra, which is the most ancient energizing symbol of humanity. It is formed by nine interlocking triangles that surround and radiate out from the central point, the junction point between the physical universe and its unmanifest source. Also represents the union of Masculine and Feminine Divine.


ekszer_healthThe silver HEALTH YANTRA pendent is one of our most ancient non-figurative geometric legacy. It was made thousands of years ago by drawing circles in a symmetrical way. It symbolizes the perfection of the Universe and the 7 chakras of the body.



ekszer_wealthThe silver WEALTH YANTRA pendent symbolizes the spiritual and material wealth through an ancient eastern double garland. Its four roots represent the four typical relations to wealth. The first is the subservient, who always gives more than he gets. The second is the superior, who takes away from others, the third is the one who does both of the aboves. But this mandala enhances the energy of the fourth type, the positive self-conscious, that doesn”t want to take away from others, but doesn”t go without what he feels to be entitled to, either. The energy of wealth is also a yin-yang energy, thus the positive spiritual virtues enable us to permanently attract and keep more money.


ekszer_successThe silver SUCCESS YANTRA pendent is a typical mesopotamian symbol of the growth, blooming and harvest. It supports the emergence of new ideas, the process of decision-making and provides with the power of action. Happiness is reached through action, not through comfort.



ekszer_patientThe silver PATIENCE YANTRA pendent originates from the Keltas. Its unending loops symbolize the attaching dimensions. It represents patience, tolerance, flexibility and the ability of letting go. Patience means accepting the fact that our actions have effects not only in the 3 dimensional world, but also in the 4th dimension, in the level of the TIME. Patience harmonizes the energies and releases stress.
ekszer_selfconfidenceThe silver SELF CONFIDENCE YANTRA pendent carries the shape of several ancient energizing mandalas. The inner emotional abilities are the followings: Bravery, Persistence, Love, Kindness, Sense of beauty, Justice, Gratitude, Hope, Spirituality, Forgiveness, Uprightness, Temperateness, Deliberation, Sense of humor, Temperament. All these qualities transform into positive characteristics through inner faith, trust and love. The secret of self confidence is to believe in our own abilities and power at least as much as in others.