1. Calculation of the personal favorable and unfavorable quarters

Planets influence our personal development and different areas of our life. In accordance with the ancient Vedic architecture, every one of us is affected at birth by energies emanated from the Universe. This varies from person to person.

The energies of the auspicious quarters within a house support our health and help positive things and persons come into our life by balancing the dissonances and getting tuned with Life properly, while unfavorable energies suffocate our growth, inhibit positive life events to happen and may cause health problems.

Pets instinctively know where to lay down, but for us humans this calculation might help a lot.

What I need is: Your exact date of birth (with time if known) and your place of birth.

Price: 16 USD or 13 EUR per person

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2. Vasati counselling of an existing property, based on floor plan 


A Vasati counselling and assessment provides you with practical advice and tools to correct the energy imbalance of your home. This is a 3-5 page long written assessment. Visting the site is, at this point, not necessary, although further personal contact and conversations are important part of the work, however this can be via skype or phone as well.

The overall Vasati analysis based on floor plan contains the followings:

  • A detailed written overall analysis about the positive and negative qualities of the house
  • Personal, energetically favorable and unfavorable quarters of a space of all the occupants, based on exact astrological data
  • Advices on energy correction of the defects, which may contain the followings: replacement of bed for all the occupants; shift in function of rooms; relocation of furniture; architectural correction; enhancing with the 5 elements; supporting with colors; subtle energy correction (with mirrors, minerals, plants); relations with planets; change in customs; Yantra, Mantra

For the complex analysis the followings are needed:

  • Floor plan of the site with markings of: the function of the rooms; exact marking of the North OR the address so that I can identify the exact direction of the North via Google Earth; beds with sleeping position; mirrors, basin, stove, bathtub, shower, fireplace; furniture (as a possibility); photos of the rooms (as a possibility)
  • Birth data of all the occupants (exact date, time, place)

Price: 200 USD/170 EUR for the first floor, the second floor is 150 USD/130 EUR

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3. Vasati architectural design

– Home of your Dreams – built up as per Vastu
Vasati houses are the most harmonious, living and breathing homes in the world. They are made of natural materials, they don’t contain any substance that is dangerous to health or for the environment.
Healthy living environment 
A Vasati-house, with its natural materials and reflection of the energy flows of the Earth, Planets and directions, creates the most precious living space that is in total harmony with the natural laws, the universe and the inmates’ personal energy factors. faepiteszet1
It is supported by the fact that at several points of the world it’s been noticed that natural disasters, such as hurricanes or wild fires avoided and got around the Vasati-houses.
In a Vasati house, all the forgotten knowledge of ancient civilisations are incorporated – Sacred Geometry, Subtle Energy, Astrology and
Information (Akasha). As a result, the most harmonious space is
Such a union with Nature brings about prosperity, health, wealth and overall support in every field of life.

Get your home designed already from the beginning as per Vasati Science! 

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4. Let’s add fate to the events!

Top-10-activities-that-make-Good-KarmaWith the help of vedic astrology it can be calculated when it is prosperous to launch a business or start to do a project. If the timing is not that good, the event might face problems or can have different obstractive factors. Giving the kick offs a good karmic timing can open up the way for smoother and more successful processes and outcomes.

What bigger events can require a really good timing? For example:

  • Buying a new home
  • Starting a construction
  • Signing a contract
  • Marriage
  • Launching business
  • Applying for job, school, etc.
  • Launching a project
  • etc.

Price: 19 USD

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5. Traditional Interior Design services:

living-in-harmony emeletc0_0000

Szolgáltatási területek:

Scope of Services

Residential design (planning, designing, executing, furnishing)
Office furnishing (with furniture available in retail markets)
Designing customized and built-in furniture
Selecting of fixtures and fittings (assisting in shopping)
Organizing the installation

Basic services:

floor plans (layout + wall drafts) SAMPLE
3D drawings (without scale) SAMPLE
customised, built furnishing (covering, built units)
fabrics (curtain, carpet, decoration textile)
color coordination
offering decorations
offering other art works
consultation with craftsmen or architects and assisting in shopping

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