Geographical places reflected by Vastu Science

Hungary: As per the Earth’s energy flow, positive energies and vibrations are coming from the North, NorthEast and East helping prosperity, spiritual development,  optimism on future.  

Looking at Hungary geographically we can notice that high mountains run along its North, Northeast, East and even Southeast border, while on the South and Southwest part it is very open, however the southern areas should be very stable with high mountains, because these are the areas that give stability.  Where the NorthEast-Southwest axis is so out of balance, there are instability, snakes and ladders, unemployment, relationship issues. The lower chakras funcionate weakly.

Southeast carries the quality of joy of life, convenience, comfort, wellness, zest for life. Here this area is also blocked by mountains. We can find it reflected in the nation’s collective subconscious under the names of ‘hungarian enjoys life by crying, life is so hard and a it’s a pain, pessimism (which is reather the blockage of East) and the constant desire to break out but anyway it’s impossible’ feeling. (Attention please, I am not talking about the individual people, but about a carried on collective subconscious content, that many of us are not carrying along with us anymore because due to our individual karma and consciousness we are able to live life with joy and optimism.) But let’s get back to the Vastu. Because of the blockage of North neither money, nor feminine energies can flow in smoothly.

In the South and Southwest we can see that by the vast openness the masculine energies are weakened as well. The masculine-feminine energies are swayed, getting ahead is difficult, stability and financial security is lacking, there is no strong and healthy self-awareness and self-confidence in general.  Economically, the western part of the country is richer than the eastern part. This has a geographically related vastu energetic reason too, because the water is auspicious when it is running towards east from a place. The Danube is running towards east from the point of view of the westland and also mountains in the west give stability to this area. Unfortunatelly, the Eastland is much more blocked by the mountain range in the east.


But we can notice the same thing about Budapest: Budapest’s Buda side is richer, real estate prices are higher than in the Pest side. The Danube is running along the east side of Buda.  We could continoue the analysis on and on just like this, here I only wanted to give a glimpse of it.  (The big picture is always reather complex with multiple factors, and the geographical energy determination is only one of them.)





Germany is open to the sea, which is very favorable and let the good healing, feminine energies and money flow in. In the south there is mountain range, which is auspicious in the stability’s zone. So the root chakra works well ensuring stablity, financial security, grounding, good manifesting power, stable self-confidence and self-awareness.


USA: If we look at the map of teh United States, we can see that towards east it is inhabited more dense than towards west. In the Northeast corner there are the Great Lakes, which is energetically very favorable. The more we get ahead towards the the northeast direction the more diverse and colorful Nature is. Also economically, the richest and most industrialized cities are concentrated to this area. The eastland experiences more progress also because the Rocky Mountains and several other mountain ranges are in the west and the ocean is from the east, both have very auspicious orientation.


In case of New York City’s Manhattan district, we can notice the same thing than with Budapest, namely that the East side is the fancy and rich side (on its east there is the East river flowing), while the West side is less rich (and here the Hudson river is flowing on its west, so the orientation of the water is energetically not that favorable than it would be on the east.)





People are not victims, only until they start to face consciously things as they are and start clearing and change them through their own consciousness in the physical world, as well.


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