Shiva’s dance in a Vastu house

Lord Shiva is the dancer of the Universe, the vibration, the eternal rhythm. 
Her sanscrit name is Nataraja. Nata means dancer, raja means king.
She is the source of all Life, activity and vibration. She comprises the dinamic energy and the awakenend Soul. Her dance is the dance of Manifestation itself. It is in everything: in the movements of the planets, the cycle of Nature, in every physical, biological and chemical law, in the biorhythm of our body, in the construction of our cells.

Brahmarishi Mayan, b.c. 10,500 discovered that the cubic form is the form of the manifestation of consciousness, the way energy turns into materia. This is a micro-space fo consciousness. Whithin this cubic shaped cell there is a luminous fibra that is in constant movement. In Vastu Science this thread is called Brahma Sutra, the thread of Light or Consciousness. It is also called Luminous Nataraja, because the Light is dancing in this tiny cubic space. This bright cube is OM-light itself. It is dancing by its own will and this frequency or vibration creats the materialistic world.

Ramalinga, a tamil sage calls this inner form as the form of God, the form of Love from where the spiritual bliss is coming. This diamond shape is found whithin the heartf of the human body.

Thirumular, tamil sage felt this tiny crystal-structure atom being activated in him when being in a Chidambaram, a perfect Vastu temple in South India. This kind of resonance has the same effect on anyone who enters a Vastu temple or lives in a Vastu house. The resonance of a building transfers into the inmates. Using the laws of Vastu Science we can build a house that is in harmony with us, while also lifts our vibration. Enhances our health, inner peace and happiness.

One of the biggest discovery of Einstein was that materia and energy is the different forms of the same one thing. E=mc2, the materia turns into energy, the energy turns into materia. This is the basis for the Vastu Architecture Science, as well. 

Pranava Veda describes the nature of Existence, Vastu Shastra (Sacred Architecture) shows how to reflect this fundamental Existence in a man-made object as a building. 


The Fifth Veda Pranava Veda?

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