Tranquil kids by conscious parents

Kids of today are born into a different world, a different energy from the one we were born into. They are more sensitive to the environmental energies, which causes many physical symptoms such as hyperactivity, sickness, distraction, and getting lost in wordly things, like money and mobil devices. In their life everything shows up earlier and faster. Therefore it is crucial  for us as parents to consciously create them the kind of environment, lifestyle and energy, in wich they can nurture easier and find their inner balance and peace of mind.

Many problems could be solved only by placing our children’s room and bed at their most favorable quarters of the house. From their data of birth it can be exactly calculated that the energy of which direction affects them negatively and positively. If they cry a lot, have a hard time to calm down or can’t sleep: it is possible that their beds are at their worst energetic areas, which they unconsciously feel and sense. There are, of course, several other things that might cause a symptom, but this should be the very first thing to examine.

Colors affect them, too. From the data of birth it can be determined which color should be avoided for having a negative effect on the child. Painting the wall or having a carpet in that color might look good in the room, but does no good for our children. In general, until the kids are small, the four basic colors are the best for them (red, yellow, green, blue), when the grow older the shades of yellow are the most efficient in their rooms, because yellow stimulates creativity and mind. At teenage, colors of Earth are better to use around. But make sure to eliminate the color they subconsciously can’t bear quite well.

For children the best area within the house is the west and east, but north and south are good as well. The southwest is the worst, because it is the place of the head of the family. if kids sleep there, they might start dominating in the life of the family.

In the interiors, the heavy wardrobes should be put at the south and southwest part of the room. The bed should deffinitely be placed at the spot as per the personal direction, with the head pointing to east, south or west, but not north.

For studying, kids should face towards north or east, because the best energies are coming from those directions. If they face southeast or northwest, they might be stroppy, if they face south, they might easily fall asleep.

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Certified Vastu Counselor