Earth lines and vastu

When it comes to geopathic stress, we straightaway think of harmful lines under the bed, that cause illnesses. Who has heard the words geobiology or geopathy?

Our Planet is a living being, just like us. It also has meridians, chakras, 70% of water, veins, articulations, underground cavities, earth-sky chimneys and subtle body.  The human being is an ‘antenna’ that connects the two poles, circulating the energy, even if we are not always aware of it. Our body receives the information in a form of resonance, it stocks them in the cells, thus influencing the body’s funcions. It can clearly be seen that our body is communicating with the Earth.

This is called geobiology, which means that the Earth (geo) influences the living beings (bios).

The geopathic stress derives from the greek and it means the suffering of the Earth. Geo (Earth) and pathos (suffering, deseases). We consider them to be negative energies, but in reality they are natural radiations that rise up from the Earth due to the weaken electro-magnetic fields caused by underground running waters, mineral concentrations and underground cavities. The geopathic stresses do not cause illnesses. They weaken the immune system and that is what leads to certain symptoms, such as insomnia, depression, allergies, exhaustion, etc.

There are several types of radiations emanated by the Earth, but the most problems are caused by the Hartmann-lines and the water lines. 

Some questions are good to be cleared out. Sometimes it is taken objection to that every radiesthesist measures different locations for the lines. Why is that? Because, for example in the case of Hartmann-lines, they move 7 meters in every 36 hours in the direction of south. There are even days and hours, when they are not measurables. Besides, they can adjust to the shape of the house, that’s why it is not recomended to design a room smaller than 2×3 meter. It is also important to examine which part of the grid lies within the room, because the North-South lines are 4 times stronger than the East-West lines and the energy at their cross-points are 40% higher because of the space vortexes. This is all similar to the meridians and acupuncture points of the human body.

We can see, that the Earth is surrounded by very intelligent and living energies, that are invisible but sensibles.

Here, the vastu rectification of a home is also very important, because if the northeast area of a house is blocked, it can generate fake earth rays. If we make the energy flow harmonius, those fake radiations disappear, our immune system become stronger. But! Besides the vastu rectification it is good to correct the crosspoints or double water lines physically as well, if there is any.

In Germany and India many doctors recommend their patients to call a vastu expert and a radiesthesist to correct their home, otherwise no treatment will be fully successful in case there are harmful energies at home.

The point is that our spaces of living are all covered with various invisible lines and radiations. There is no need to get frightened about most of them. Instead, we should avoid and correct the crosspoints, water lines and fake earth rays.