Male and female energies of your home

Vasati is a Sanskrit word for house or dwelling. The word itself is an acronym of the Energy System (Va), the Information System (Sa) and the Geometric System (Ti). But Vasati has an extra meaning, which implies the unified existence of the feminin and masculin energies.  Va= Vishnu, the Supreme God of Hinduism  Sati=Lakshmi Devi, the wife of Lord Vishnu

In the Vedic culture Lord Vishnu (or called at his other avatars, like Rama or Krishna) is always mentioned along with his feminin energy, his eternal mate, Lakshmi Devi or Radha Krishna. The truth behind the quote that “behind every successful man there is a woman” is confirmed by the Supreme Realm where Gods always stand along with their Wives together.


Not only do we have the feminin and masculin energies within, but also our home is supposed to possess both qualities. Examining our home in this relation shows a lot about our relationships, personalities and situations.

The feminin energy, called organic energy comes from the north, while the masculin energy, called solar energy comes from the east. These two energies unite in the northeast.

We have to let these energies enter our home through big windows, spatial rooms and by using those rooms in accordance with their respective qualities. Thus, by receiving the organic energy freely the feminin qualities can emerge in women and men can become more sensitive as well. Similarly, by opening up for the masculin energies from the east, we can become more reasonable and have stronger willpower.

As for the above, for a single woman it might be beneficial to look at how the east part of her home looks like. The problem might be caused by the closed east, where the masculin energy is let out, i.e. no man can enter her life. The same is for a single man, whose north part of his home might be closed, that means that the feminin energy is blocked, can’t enter. The closed north in a woman’s case might result in not having enough of feminin qualities, she doesn’t feel quite attractive for men and that’s why she faces difficulties of finding a boyfriend. The closed east in a man’s case might weaken his manliness and virility.

Sometimes everything is fine, except that the northeast is closed. In that case, the union of the feminin and masculin energies can be inhibited which leads to the relationship might suffering from a lot of conflicts or that the baby project doesn’t succeed.

These factors above are just the tip of the iceberg, many other aspects of the construction and the interior might deepen the problems.

When two people join together as husband and wife, they become a unit, a team. In this loving entity the partners are equally nurtured, they don’t behave as two separated individuals anymore. Similar goals, aspirations and lifestyles support the compatibility of this unit. Respect and honest, open communication are the foundation of such a long-term healthy relationship. Both male and female energies should equaly be present in balance, and to achieve it – besides many other spiritual and personal factors – Vasati can provide ancient tools and aids to counteract the defects.