Scientific guidelines for the healthy kitchen!

The best place for a kitchen is the southeast direction of the plot. This is the place for the Fire element and it receives the most positive, bacteria-killer UV rays, as well. The second best place can be the northwest area, which is the place for the Air element. In the kitchen, the best is if the cooking person is facing east, that’s why we should place the gas stove along the east wall. The sink and water should be placed in the Water corner of the kitchen, which is northeast and north. We can put the cloths washing machine here as well, but the dirty cloths should be collected in another room. The storage and cupboards should be along the west or south wall inside the kitchen to protect from harmful UV rays and stabilize the energies. Electric devices, microwave, mixer machines should be placed on the counter in the south of the kitchen.

Scientific background of facing east while cooking:

In most part of the world the prevailing winds are westerlies, i.e. blowing from west or northwest towards east. So, standing by the eastern wall of the kitchen and facing east while cooking is beneficial, especially when there is an exhaust system close to the fire place. The winds coming from the west will freely be able to go through the kitchen and exit through the windows on the east wall, leaving no bad air in the kitchen. Most of the harmful hot and oily air shall pass through the kitchen without touching and affecting our tender parts, like nose, eyes, breath organs, etc. Thus, the user of the kitchen is able to maintain a good health. But, if the entering air finds a space in front of the west/north/south facing cooking person, it will be roaming around him/her and certainly adversely affects the person’s health.


Blue color is associated with poison that stops you from over-eating. Hence, it is reather recommended for people suffering from obesity, otherwise it should be avoided in the kitchen. If you need to enhance your appetite, then red color serves well for you. That’s why chinese restaurants use red color so much. But be careful. If you have high blood pressure symptoms, they use off-white instead of red. In general, in the kitchen it is recommended to use yellow, orange, golden colors, as they make you enjoy the meal. Green is good for calming down and healing.

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