Scientific encounter of Sunrays and Water

In Vastu Architecture science, Ayurvedic healing, Feng Shui, etc. we always encounter with one of the Five elements, such as the Fire (Agneya Tatva) and Water ( Jal Tatva) elements.

As per the science of Vastu, water is the most beneficial to be placed in the North-East direction of the premises, which is called Ishaan (God) corner in sanskrit.

But why? – Because this is where the conjunction of the softest and best sun rays with water molecules can spread out the most healing energies.

But how? Let’s see it scientifically:

The rythm of our every day life and activities are all triggered and powered by the heat energy and light we receive from the Sun. Actually, more than 90% of our energies are originating from the Sun. The light emited by the Sun differs wheather it is in the morning or in the afternoon. UV light with shorter wave length are coming in the morning until 11 a.m. and are very beneficial for the human body.

UV light and rays between 280 and 300 nanometer are considered to be the most useful and healing sunrays and are used in medical treatments to cure many diseases. They increase the efficiency of the heart, lower the level of cholesterol, kill bacteria, activate vitamine D and Calcium absorption, have starilizing and disinfecting efficiency.

As the Earth is tilted from west to east with a degree of 23,5, the most cooling and comfortable sun rays mentioned above, are coming from the North and East. These are much better for the human well-being than the overheated and intensive sun rays on the western and southern side of the Earth. We receive these sun rays mostly in the afternoon, and they spoil the food, make us tired and lower our energy.

More than ¼ of our life energy comes from the Sun. Water carries information and life energy. Our body is made of 70% of water, even our blood contains mostly water, so it is the other big source of life essence. That’s why the best place to worship God in the purest way is the north-east corner where all the positive life energy sources are at their highest peek.

Besides, any water storage, swimming pool, drinking water in the North-East area receive UV rays with well balanced quantum and that is what makes the water very cool, clean and bacteria-free.

The tiny prismas in the water droplets and vapor are mixed up with the soft UV sun rays and these together multiply the benefits of water to boost health and well-being. So, through its mirror effect, Water floods at least 25% area of the house with positivity.

Vastu says, that the slope of the roof or floor should be tilted from the south west to the north east, so that the water/rain gets accommulated in the auspicious area.

But, be aware to regularly change the water, because stagneted water represents a standstill in life, while moving water provides life with a good positive energy to go on and be in movement.