The geometry of ‘complete wisdom’

The Flower of Life resides deep in the Earth, it’s the flame of pure conscience, the extent of awareness of humanity depends on its sheer existence. It comprises of all the wisdom and knowledge, including both male and female-natured. It is the pristine language of the Universe and the world of pure shapes and ratios.

Among the ratios of this drawing can each and every form of life be found. It contains every matemathic formula, physical principle, musical harmony, every biological form of life. Every atom, dimension-level and everything existing in the wave-shape universes inhere in it.

Drawings of the Flower of Life have been found in Egypt, Ireland, Turkey, England, Scotland, Israel, China, Tibet, Greece, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Spain, Bulgaria, India, Morocco, Syria, Lebanon and Japan. In the recent past additional acient drawings have been discovered in Sveden, Lappland, Iceland and the Yucanat peninsula.

Almost everywhere it is known as ‘the Flower of Life’, but in other parts of the cosmos other names are also used for it, such as the ‘Word of Silence’ and the ‘Word of Light’.

Where can you see these ancient drawings? I made a list that might help to find them when travelling for vacation in these countries.

Egyt: Abydos, in the Temple of Osiris , 6000 years old, Abydos, Élet Virága, Élet Virága, Abydos

Turkey: Efesus, Curetes street, near the Celsius Library. The 16 m² mosaic floor can be seen on the floor of a house, it’s from the 1st century BC., Élet Virága, Ephesus, Élet Virága, Ephesus
India: Amritsar, city of Punjab, sikh Golden Temple, marble inlay

punjab1, Élet Virága, Punjab

India: Ajanta, Buddhist temple                   India: Hampi, Élet Virága, ajanta, Élet Virága, Hampi, India

India: Prashanti Nilayam, Puttaparthi. The gate of the temple of Baghawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba ashram Ganesha was built based on the Flower of Life symbol. Taking photos is prohibited, that’s why there isn’t any., Élet Virága

Israel: Masada, Élet Virága, Masada, Israel, Élet Virága, Masada, Israel, Élet Virága, Masada, Israel

Israel: Temple of King Herod, 1st century BC. (Israel Museum), Élet Virága, Masada, Israel


Italy: Erbanno, Darfo Boario Terme, Élet Virága, Italy

Scotland:  Chatedral of St Magnus, Kirkwall. It’s carven in tombstone of temple nights. Around 13th century., Élet Virága, Skócia, Élet Virága, Skócia

Austria: Weitra, Lower-Austria, Auhofgasse street. It is on the ceiling of a medieval house, with diameter of half meter. The symbol might be around 500 years old and survived fires only a few centimeters from it. Flower of Life (in the middle), Seed of Life (on the left), celtic Sun symbol (on the rigt), Élet Virága, austria


Bulgaria: ruins of Kabile, near the city of Jambol., Élet Virága, bulgaria

Denmark: city of Brædstrup, Tønning temple. 14th century., Élet Virága, dania, Élet Virága, dania, Élet Virága, dania

Hungary: Stamp, hungarian folk wood carving, Élet Virága, magyar, Élet Virága, magyar, Élet Virága, magyar

Spain: La Mezquita, Cordoba, Élet Virága, Spain
Sources used:
Drunvalo Melchizedek: The Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life