Business success through Vasati

Take a look at the path of money in your business and see wheather there is any blockage in its way.

Would you believe that business success is not only the matter of hard work? Sometimes we work so much, but somehow no result is coming out of it.

Therefore it’s worth to examine the interior, direction and energies of the business unit to see if there is something blocking the free flow of money.

The main entrance is one of the most important indications on the prospects of our business.

  • The entrance in the North enhances wealth and impovement.
  • The entrance in the East is profitable.
  • The entrance in the West is volatile in incomes and expences.
  • The entrance in the South brings about losses and obstacles. Especially under weak astrological conditions.

The door sill and a slope towards the entrance door is unfavorable.

The business owner or salesman should face towards the East and North, because those energies bring in the customers and wealth. Facing towards the South or West may generate problems and difficulties. Conversely, it is different in a public market place. If there are shops opposite to the one that faces towards the South, than the negativity of its location is neutralized.

The safe and cashier should be place in the North area of the shop in a way that they open up towards the North. The cashier never should be left empty, make sure there is always some cash in it. This will enhance the cash flow.

As for the shape of the business unit, the biggest energetic support is given by a regular square shape, while a triangle or zygomorphic shape may cause financial and mental loss and stress.

The floor should always be clean, clutter-free and attractive.

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