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Shrí Yantra, Queen of all yantras

Sri Yantra is a symbol of energy, creativity and power. In Vedic culture, especially according to the Shri Vidya Tantra School, the symbol of the Universe is also the embodiment of the

Shiva’s dance in a Vastu house

Lord Shiva is the dancer of the Universe, the vibration, the eternal rhythm.  Her sanscrit name is Nataraja. Nata means dancer, raja means king. She is the source of all Life, activity

Scientific guidelines for the healthy kitchen!

The best place for a kitchen is the southeast direction of the plot. This is the place for the Fire element and it receives the most positive, bacteria-killer UV rays, as well.

Scientific encounter of Sunrays and Water

In Vastu Architecture science, Ayurvedic healing, Feng Shui, etc. we always encounter with one of the Five elements, such as the Fire (Agneya Tatva) and Water ( Jal Tatva) elements. As per the science

The geometry of ‘complete wisdom’

The Flower of Life resides deep in the Earth, it’s the flame of pure conscience, the extent of awareness of humanity depends on its sheer existence. It comprises of all the wisdom

Business success through Vasati

Take a look at the path of money in your business and see wheather there is any blockage in its way. Would you believe that business success is not only the matter

Feng Shui and Vasati

Feng Shui concentrates on life energies and strives for a correction of energetic blockages, Vaastu goes much further, incorporating many more principles thus firmly establishing the relationship between the house and its

Male and female energies of your home

Vasati is a Sanskrit word for house or dwelling. The word itself is an acronym of the Energy System (Va), the Information System (Sa) and the Geometric System (Ti). But Vasati has