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Welcome to the Vastu Architecture

Vastu aims to live in harmony with the power of Nature. In this regard, it agrees with the well-known Feng Shui, but while Feng Shui concentrates more on life energies and dissolving energy blockages, Vastu goes much further than that: incorporates many more principles re-establishing the genuine relationship between Man and the house.

The science of Vastu, originating from transcendental sources, is like a guardian angel surrounding us and our homes with loving, defending and supporting energy.

There is an increasing world wide tendency of discovering the power of these buildings and environments. As per USA News Jan 17, 2000 it was published that even British Prime Minister Tony Blair had the interior of his 10 Downing Street residency designed as per Vastu architecture. Furthermore, many multinational companies, hotel chains, health centers also apply the principles of Vastu in designing their buildings and offices, such as NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center, Microsoft, World Bank, stb.

The most ideal would be if a thorough Vastu assessment was made prior to every construction and interior design. Only when the basis are already firmly laid down as per Vastu, can all the decorations and styles, as finishes, be applied.

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Scientific encounter of Sunrays and Water

In Vastu Architecture science, Ayurvedic healing, Feng Shui, etc. we always encounter with one of the Five elements, such as the Fire (Agneya Tatva) and Water ( Jal Tatva) elements. As per the science

Shrí Yantra, Queen of all yantras

Sri Yantra is a symbol of energy, creativity and power. In Vedic culture, especially according to the Shri Vidya Tantra School, the symbol of the Universe is also the embodiment of the

Geographical places reflected by Vastu Science

Hungary: As per the Earth’s energy flow, positive energies and vibrations are coming from the North, NorthEast and East helping prosperity, spiritual development,  optimism on future.   Looking at Hungary geographically we can notice that

Shiva’s dance in a Vastu house

Lord Shiva is the dancer of the Universe, the vibration, the eternal rhythm.  Her sanscrit name is Nataraja. Nata means dancer, raja means king. She is the source of all Life, activity

Tranquil kids by conscious parents

Kids of today are born into a different world, a different energy from the one we were born into. They are more sensitive to the environmental energies, which causes many physical symptoms

Earth lines and vastu

When it comes to geopathic stress, we straightaway think of harmful lines under the bed, that cause illnesses. Who has heard the words geobiology or geopathy? Our Planet is a living being,

Scientific guidelines for the healthy kitchen!

The best place for a kitchen is the southeast direction of the plot. This is the place for the Fire element and it receives the most positive, bacteria-killer UV rays, as well.

The geometry of ‘complete wisdom’

The Flower of Life resides deep in the Earth, it’s the flame of pure conscience, the extent of awareness of humanity depends on its sheer existence. It comprises of all the wisdom

Business success through Vasati

Take a look at the path of money in your business and see wheather there is any blockage in its way. Would you believe that business success is not only the matter

Feng Shui and Vasati

Feng Shui concentrates on life energies and strives for a correction of energetic blockages, Vaastu goes much further, incorporating many more principles thus firmly establishing the relationship between the house and its